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Bucatarie Style

Bucatarie comanda liniara, fronturi MDF cu folie 3D, blat 38 mm lucios, pereti laterali 38 mm, lungime 370 cm.


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Producator: STAER
Termen de livrare: Programare
4.690,00 RON


  • The above configuration is based on the command and we can adapt it according to your space and needs.
  • The price shown above is calculated for the standard configuration 286373  (configuration available in the 3D program in the STAER network   ) and is made of 18 mm thick melamine faces , MDF fronts with shiny acrylic material, cos jolly, metal handles.
  • This price may vary in fuchsia of the chosen materials and colors. 
  • The decoration items in the photo above and the appliances are not part of the configuration and do not count towards the price.


D total kitchen size

  • L x A x H   3700 x 600 x 2143 mm



 We use a wide range of materials and colors, so on the basis of your order you can choose any of the following materials (PAL, glossy and super-bright Mdf with colored glass effect, MDF with 3D foil, matt dyed MDF, glossy MDF painted)


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Garantie 2 ani
Tara de provenienta Romania